Samsung to sell smart home bundles in Netherlands as SmartThings grows

But don’t be so excited, no mention of any Hubs or any Home Automation devices, like sensors or actuators, it is all about Samsung products.

Some of the Connected Living deals here:

My favourite is the last topic in the list,

This feature was a selling point of the 2014 H Series TVs, to stream the TV screen to your phone or tablet. The feature disappeared after a few updates of the associated app in less than a year time.


I don’t have an android device, so I don’t know: is screen mirroring not a standard Android feature? It’s built into every IOS device. I mirror my tablet (via voice command) to my AppleTV quite often. :sunglasses:

@Olli-Pekka_Kurppa posted some of the new advertisements for this marketing campaign yesterday. Some of those are featuring sensors and Geopresence.

ST Youtube ads

Screen mirroring is a standard feature for years for every Android as I know.
The extra thing was back at 2014, that you can see your TV’s screen on your phone. First they removed the HDMI input mirroring, then they removed the whole feature…

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I have it. s10 phone and 2019 TV

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I see. I don’t have to see my TV’s screen on my tablet because I can just use the AppleTV app to get the same content. But it’s all streaming, I don’t watch over the air or cable broadcasts anymore. (I live in a valley between hills, even at the best of times we only got two channels over the air.)

That’s one of the points, who uses nowadays DVB-T service. Or any tuner in the TV, most cable, satellite or IPTV provider uses set-top boxes for encoding/encrypting the signal, and all connected through HDMI.

They must have ran into some sort of legal implications when the TV screen was mirrored to the phone or tablet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would do it again. And the feature would be removed in the near future.

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