Samsung Smartthings--Will this setup integrate?


Ive seen one of the above hubs available and have the following devices that Id like to integrate;

Lombex Bulb
Tado heating (Dual Zone and Radiator Thermostat)
Logitech Harmony Hub
Apple TV

Does the hub support all of this and if so can I use Siri to send commands via the Samsung hub?

Thanks in advance

Siri is not officially supported by SmartThings. So the short answer is no.

There’s way buy very long way to do that.


Thanks for the reply, Im guessing a homebridge is and would be my best solution then to integrate the above appliances?



Unfortunately, the only things on the list that SmartThings has official integration with are Amazon echo and Logitech Harmony Hub.

There is a community – created unofficial integration with Tado Devices that reportedly works well.

The only integration with Ismartalarm would be through IFTTT which might introduce some additional lag and may not have all the features you’re looking for. But the SmartThings IFTTT service/channel is robust and The ability to add virtual switches to the SmartThings platform does mean that you can set up an
IfTTT applet to start pretty much anything that smartthings can do just by having IFTTT turn on a virtual switch. So I don’t know if that would meet your requirements or not.

Fire TV and Apple TV integration would have to be through the Logitech Harmony hub. I use Logitech Harmony with my own Fire TV and it’s good enough to change to the television’s input channel and do volume and pause control, but that’s about it. I actually have both a fire TV and a Roku on the main television specifically because Roku is better at exposing its interior channels like Netflix to the Harmony.

There is no integration at the current time with the Lomdex bulb.

There are some community members using Homebridge with SmartThings devices, but that won’t help with the devices where SmartThings doesn’t have integration to begin with.

So straight out of the box, SmartThings is not a good match to the list you gave. You could cobble together some integrations with some devices, but it will be a bit of a hodgepodge, setup will be complicated, and you still won’t get full integration.

It could be a good solution specifically for the Tado, but I don’t know if that’s enough to justify looking into the platform further.

Also be aware that unlike HomeKit, SmartThings is primarily a cloud-based system. A few things will run locally, but nothing that requires custom code, including the Homebridge integration and IFTTT. And there is no cellular option for it, everything, including the mobile app on the phone connection to the hub and notifications from the hub go through the Internet. So basically if you can’t connect to IFTTT, a lot of your SmartThings rules won’t work either. Just wanted to mention it, because many people assume that smartthings is a CPU that runs in your home, but the hub is really just a box of radios, most of the logic is done in the cloud.