Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose & Water Leak Sensors sale

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Lowest price ever on Amazon:


Just had a thought, anybody ever use one of these on a child’s crib? Thinking it might serve nicely as an addition to the baby monitor once he gets old enough to start flipping over and attempting to break free from baby prison.

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Water leak sensor: best deal ever

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Not really thrilled about the battery life comments on Amazon, anyone else using this? My Utilitech battery is amazing! It’s been a year and it’s still 99% and I’ve had it go off a few times for testing it.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

I’m betting the battery issue complaints are from people with weak meshes. Mine are a year on the original battery

(Bob D.) #6

For the water sensor, I’ve had one installed for a little over a year and my battery percentage is 66%. No issues with it.

(John) #7

As I reported yesterday, I just noticed I had 2 Multipurpose sensors with dead batteries; one died at 6 months and the other at 9 months. However, both were still reporting they were at 66% battery. The response from @csuk(SmartThings) was really valuable.

BTW: I don’t believe I have “weak meshes”. I have an Iris outlet (which repeats both Zigbee and Z-wave) near one, and both an Iris and SmartThings outlet near the other.

(John) #8

[quote=“Robertdia, post:6, topic:56184”]
and my battery percentage is 66%. No issues with it.
[/quote]Just check the last event day every now and then. :confounded:


Still pissed I missed those when they were a few bucks at Lowes.

(Chris) #10

As we speak, we’re working on some improvements that will do a much better job of alerting you when something falls off the network. This won’t fix the battery reporting issue, but it will at least give you guys a heads up when a device stops responding.

(Anthony S.) #11

I can confirm. I have 3 of them in my basement. It’s been over a year and the batteries are still 95+%. I test them at least 1 a month just to make sure they are still checking into ST


For the multi-sensor, can you set it to only be triggered by one condition but not others? By that I mean if I attach it to a window, I just want it to be triggered by open/closed, but not by vibration.

(Michael Hess) #13

Yes. Any function can be used, together or alone, depending on what SmartApp’s you use.

(Matt Perva) #14

Thanks! I’ve been wanting one of these water leak sensors to put near my sump pump!