Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose & Water Leak Sensors sale

Lowest price ever on Amazon:


Just had a thought, anybody ever use one of these on a child’s crib? Thinking it might serve nicely as an addition to the baby monitor once he gets old enough to start flipping over and attempting to break free from baby prison.


Water leak sensor: best deal ever


Not really thrilled about the battery life comments on Amazon, anyone else using this? My Utilitech battery is amazing! It’s been a year and it’s still 99% and I’ve had it go off a few times for testing it.

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I’m betting the battery issue complaints are from people with weak meshes. Mine are a year on the original battery

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For the water sensor, I’ve had one installed for a little over a year and my battery percentage is 66%. No issues with it.

As I reported yesterday, I just noticed I had 2 Multipurpose sensors with dead batteries; one died at 6 months and the other at 9 months. However, both were still reporting they were at 66% battery. The response from @csuk(SmartThings) was really valuable.

BTW: I don’t believe I have “weak meshes”. I have an Iris outlet (which repeats both Zigbee and Z-wave) near one, and both an Iris and SmartThings outlet near the other.

[quote=“Robertdia, post:6, topic:56184”]
and my battery percentage is 66%. No issues with it.
[/quote]Just check the last event day every now and then. :confounded:

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Still pissed I missed those when they were a few bucks at Lowes.

As we speak, we’re working on some improvements that will do a much better job of alerting you when something falls off the network. This won’t fix the battery reporting issue, but it will at least give you guys a heads up when a device stops responding.


I can confirm. I have 3 of them in my basement. It’s been over a year and the batteries are still 95+%. I test them at least 1 a month just to make sure they are still checking into ST


For the multi-sensor, can you set it to only be triggered by one condition but not others? By that I mean if I attach it to a window, I just want it to be triggered by open/closed, but not by vibration.

Yes. Any function can be used, together or alone, depending on what SmartApp’s you use.

Thanks! I’ve been wanting one of these water leak sensors to put near my sump pump!