Samsung Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor now reporting temperture with tenths!

My three Multipurpose Sensors are now reporting temperature in tenths of a degree. Very nice update.

Hopefully they did something to also improve them so they stop disconnecting.

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If you have disconnection problems, then look at your Zigbee mesh for quality indicators in the IDE.
They are rock solid.

@Automated_House, it is live!

New sonoff zigbee

I have three of the Multipurpose sensors. The only other zigbee I have is two CREE bulbs. The rest of my setup is zwave.

They are anything but rock solid for me. Unless I keep the multipurpose sensors in 10 feet of the hub they constantly disconnect. There is nothing else for them to mesh with. The CREE bulbs work fine.

Constantly pulling the battery to reconnect them.

“Cree bulbs can be used as ZHA repeaters, but they appear to be missing a couple of Zigbee clusters, so they aren’t always reliable repeaters for other ZHA devices. Some people use them and they work great, some find that some messages get lost.”

More evidence that its your mesh that’s most likely the issue, fix that and your disconnects will most likely stop.

Swap your Cree bulbs to IKEA ones or get a few IKEA pocket socket and it would probably solve your problem.

You can still look at your Zigbee channel and your 2.4Ghz wifi channel to check for interference and for any USB3 devices for the same reason.

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Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

But I have no intention of changing out my Cree bulbs they work just fine. And I have no intention of buying more zigbee gear just to make these multipurpose sensors work. The other problem with these is they go though batteries quite fast. I just bought them because they were on sale and wanted them to monitor temperature in other locations of the house. For my needs there are a failed purchase.

The rest of my system is all zwave and all works great. I will stick with zwave components for any future components.

The SmartThings/SmartSense motion and multipurpose sensors has a terrible battery reporting. Even with a fresh battery, they don’t report 100%, if they do, then that changes in a few days time. They reach really quickly 1%, but that doesn’t mean that the battery is dead. My devices keep reporting 1% for months without any issue and I just change battery when it is really dead, or the motion sensor starts to have false triggers continuously.

Regarding the zigbee mesh, what do you expect when your device might be on the edge of the reachable network coverage? But probably you are facing an issue of edge/interference and bad repeaters, as those SmartThings sensors are automatically reconnecting, and not as sensitive as the Xiaomi ones.

Zigbee vs Zwave, zwave devices are great until one device wouldn’t fail, then the whole routing dies and you can just scratch your head why the zwave repair is not working. As my experience Zigbee is more resilient from this perspective if you have a decent mesh coverage, but it is sensitive to interference from Wifi and USB3 devices. Otherwise zigbee devices are generally more cheaper than zwave devices, due to zwave’s chip manufacturing limitations on the market, there isn’t any competition so prices are higher. That’s why many whitelabel manufacturers produces cheap zigbee devices rather than zwave devices.

Going back to the new change of displaying tenths, just curious what exactly changed to allow this? Firmware update to the sensor? An update in the hub? An update in the cloud?