Samsung SmartThings Button Not Joining Properly

Hi folks, Joined a zigbee SmartThings button to my SmartThings (v2) hub. Joins seemingly okay in the iOS app. The problem is it shows up on the website as Type: placeholder and there is no Zigbee Id info. So I can’t change it to button type and then properly use it with Alexa. In Alexa it only shows up as a temp gauge. Trying re-connecting it to SmartThings multiple times but never gets a Zigbee Id. Thanks for your help.

placeholder is correct since it’s using an Edge driver and not a Groovy DTH. Button capability isn’t supported by Alexa, so no changes you’ll make to the device DTH/driver will affect that. If you need to trigger an Alexa device with a SmartThings button you’ll want to use a virtual contact sensor as a “bridge” between the two.

Thank you Jimmy!