Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor - making it waterproof/watertight

Hi Community…

Would like to use the Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor for my dog, so know when she is leaving…

But it needs to be waterproof - since she goes swimming.

So to the question - Have any one made a Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor waterproof ? or have any one idear on how to ?


I use S3 cases for a variety of things…

This is certainly overkill for your needs when a small, industrial quality zip loc bag would most likely suffice.

You could run a bead of silicone all around the edge where the 2 pieces join and then put the rubber surround back on. I’ve done something similar with an open/close sensor, but it never gets submerged.

Those presence/arrival sensors do go through batteries faster than any other device I have, and having to clean and reapply silicone would eventually get annoying.

Without a case like in the post above, you may struggle with completely waterproofing the device. You could investigate looking into the floats used by boaters for their boat keys. I have a couple, and they’re designed to be relatively small. The one I use screws shut and holds my registration card. It’s just the right size for the arrival sensor.

Here are some ideas:

Thanks to both of you.

I have ordered a small Subgear Divers Egg - lets see if it fits in there…



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I’m looking to do the exact same thing. Please let me know how the divers egg works for you.