Lowes Smarthings Deals


Arrival sensor $15
Leak sensor $20
Motion sensor $20
Contact sensor $20

That explains Amazon pricing

I grabbed a cpl of arrival sensor to put in the other cars. I was getting a lot of false reports until starting using two sensors. One in the car, one one my car keys. Both need to arrive or leave before anything happens. Been working fine. The sensor in the car run off the car’s battery (12V to 3V regulator)
Place the sensor in the grill of the car for better range

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This must be in store only. My local store doesn’t carry them and shipping isn’t available. Off to Amazon i go!

I am so tempted to buy some arrival sensors and water leak sensors but the reviews are aweful…

My arrival sensors are working great. Just gotta change the battery almost every 3 months. Just need to have a strong zigbee network with lots of repeaters in the house :).

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The reviews on the door sensors are awful as well

BTW Best Buy has the same sale going on this week.

Water leak sensors have worked for me. Never had a real leak, but in testing they’ve gone off as expected when exposed to water.

The motion sensors (the v1 versions are on sale) also work very well for me.

I don’t see what everyone’s problem is with these. I had one that I broke the connector changing the battery, but they have always been rock solid. I use phone and presence sensor. Phone presence fires about 1/2 mile from the house, ST presence fires just as they get to the driveway, maybe 10% of the time they don’t fire until we actually park the car.
I agree that the bad reviews are likely due to weak meshes.


My problem with them is not reliable detection of my return; they do that fine.

My problem is this:

  • after about one month of a new battery,
  • if I don’t park it within a couple feet of the hub or a repeater when I get home,
  • it “cuts out and in” frequently. Resulting in, for example, my front door unlocking and re-locking and unlocking etc ad nauseum.

It needs either a switch, or a usb charge capability, or significantly longer hi-power battery.

Yes an updated version with USB charging would be great.

Or direct wire to the vehicle like I did and don’t worry about batteries.


My first attempt. worked great batteries lasted much longer.
2 AA’s in a battery case
unnamed (16)

If anyone is on the fence about leak sensors, dive in. Mine have caught two very small leaks that would have been much more costly issues down the road. (1)My wife bumped a second floor bathroom vanity sink drain and loosened a p-trap seal. (2) My septic tank had a small blockage and backed up to the basement floor drain. Very random occurrences that could have caused very bad days…

I purchased one for every bathroom and kitchen water fixture/drain in my home and it is a wonderful peace of mind.


Looks like everything that wasn’t included in the last 1/2 price ST sale is now on sale everywhere. New ST wall wart, presence sensor, etc

Are these sensors based on zigbee or zwave?

ST sensors are Zigbee

Lowe’s was mostly out of stock, but like others mentioned, the sale is everywhere.
Cheapest deal I found was direct from Samsung.com (Amazon’s sales tax was higher)