Samsung smart plug question

I just broke my iris smart plug. Is the samsung smart plug a zigbee & zeave repeater? I can’t find the iris plug anywhere on line for sale…or at least at a place I can trust them to buy from them.

There are two Samsung SmartThings plugs. One is zigbee only and one is Wi-Fi only. Neither have a Z wave radio.

I’m not aware of any other plugs besides the iris that have both a zwave and a zigbee radio.

Do you know any place I can buy an iris? I looked on line but no luxk.

Unfortunately, The entire iris line was discontinued last year when Lowe’s dropped the project. They are no longer manufactured.

The only places left to buy them is probably Ebay or maybe someone in this forum may have some to sell. Post a WTB in the Deals section might help.

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Good deal, I got them for about $50. Rarely do I have problems buying used smart home products from ebay.