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Samsung smart plug max wattage

(Oliver ) #1


I’m wondering if anyone can advise the maximum watts the samsung smart plug for UK/SG can handle. My current smart plug model is F-APP-SG-V2

The insert that came with the box says it is rated at 12amps.

However the website for Singapore shows it is rated for 240VAC 13amps.
Link for it below

I wish to connect my induction hob to it but my hob is rated 1800w. Not sure if I will damage the hob or blow the smart plug using it. Can anyone here help?

Thank you


(Eric) #2

based on your info, the plug will probably work.

If the plug capacity was inadequate, the heater would probably be ok and the plug would smoke out, or burn/trip its fuse, if it had any. That’s literally the best way to tell, in my experience. Only plug it in a fire-resistant location.

And if it doesn’t smoke then you can read the actual amps. Win-win.