Samsung S7 Edge presence senor

Hi All,

im not sure if this thread has been mentioned before, but im having problems on a weekly basis with the Samsung Phone. My Wife has the Samsung S7 Edge, and on a regular basis the Smart Things still thinks she is present and therefore it does not activate some of my routines i.e. away or Back.

Now the strange thing is I have the Iphone 6 which works flawlessly all the time, in fact so good that its never had the above problem. My mum also owns the Iphone 5c which again works perfectly. Is there some setting in the Samsung which im not aware of? If anyone can point me in the right direction will be great.

Find it weird that and Iphone works better with a Samsung product than a samsung!!!

There may be some Android power savings mode she is using that kills the background operations of the mobile presence capability. Check out this KB article and shoot a note over to support if you keep having issues.

HI - Thanks I have already followed those steps and still does not work.

It dont even have the option WIFI set to High under the setting either.

make sure that in the location settings the GPS is set to high accuracy. I’ve never had a problem with my s7 edge being detected.

How do you do that?


Consider yourself lucky that your IPhone work so well. The 2 Iphones in my house go in spurts. My Galaxy S5 is pretty reliable.

I recommend getting presence FOB’S and using this Smart App:

It helped the reliability in my house alot. Hopefully @bridaus will update it soon to give us all more options.

On my S6 I had to stop battery optimisation to make presence sensing better.
Not sure if you can do it on an S7.

I have a galaxy S6 and the presence has not updated in about 3 days probably not coincidentally when the android app was updated. It worked fine until then.

My wife and I have S7’s and have the same problem. Seems to work great one week and the next not so much. We’ve added Life360 to our phones to help and I believe it has. I then made sure that I have both presence senseing on my phone itself AND Life360 within any routines I set up. Usually if one or the other kicks off that we are home or not, it will still trigger the routine I want. Or it forces the other to update and then kicks off the routine.

At this point I see no magic bullet and no one seems to know why this is happening for sure. It’s either a “live with it” or don’t at this point.

My wife and I had the S7 edge and could NEVER get ST mobile presence to work properly no matter what I tried. Exact issues you’re describing, as well as our phones randomly “leaving” home causing the siren to go off couple times.

Definitely not a S7 edge issue since when we upgraded to the “explosive” Note 7, we still had the same issues.

We also tried Life360 as the mobile presence sensor and so far it MUCH better than ST mobile presence. However, we still have random presence failure (i.e. stuck or wrong location), way less than before, but I don’t think it’s an app only issue but a Samsung Android issue.

For example, few times when my wife’s ST mobile presence got “stuck” I had her open up Google Maps right away to see where the phone thinks it was located and surely enough it showed that she was “home” even though she was miles away at work. This happens on both the S7 edge and Note 7, so there’s definitely something wrong with these newer Samsung phone’s Android builds.

I even tried disabling Doze/Power saving for all location services related processes in addition to the apps on the phones:

Fused Location
Google Services Framework
Samsung Location SDK

None of it helped.

Contacted Samsung support and they were clueless as usual.