Cheaper Samsung Robot Vacuum

I am looking to buy a Samsung robot vacuum, however, the only one recommended is the VR20H9052WW which is £1600 which is too much to pay for a robot vacuum. Does anyone know of a cheaper model Samsung robot vacuum?

Both these robot vacuum/sweepers and the robot lawn mowers are waaaay overpriced. It’s not like they actually track their paths or anything: they just keep going randomly, and turning when they hit an obstacle or guide signal. And the internal tech? For the roomba nothing more than simple sweeping, no real vacuum…, and for the lawn cutters, a simple rotor with a few razor blades attached.

The roomba should be $200 maximum, and the lawn cutters perhaps $400.

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Bought my neato botvac for $130 and couldn’t be happier, very pleased with the neato brand

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They are $500… you got it used?

More like $340 new but yeah it was a Refurbished flash sale. Keep your eyes peeled especially this time of year.

On further research, it turns out a couple of the vacuums do track their course and thereby they get the entire floor. That might begin to make it worthwhile.

I’ve been looking at Roomba for years but I don’t like the randomness. The reviews for the Samsung model really turned me off of it.

Neato seems to be the way to go for me. It works with google home too.

This video helped me decide.

Well, if it was so simple to build these machines then we would have them since the 70s. The fact is that these machines are complex and sophisticated systems where a lot of different aspects have to be taken into consideration. There are several sensors and mechanical designs that enable these devices to do what they do now. And I have both the vaccum and robotic lawn mower at home.

I use the top of the line Samsung Powerbot and its amazing. I think they also have lower priced models and they work pretty well too. I dont know the exact model numbers. The thing I like about the Samsung vaccums is that they dont vaccum randomly, it has intelligence built in to go in a linear fashion, such that you get maximum coverage each time it comes on. Moreover it remembers areas that are covered and in the next charge cycle covers the areas it did not cover the first time. I sometimes just sit and wonder how the algorithm could have been implemented… because its almost like its another creature.

I have the Powerbot R7040 and like it ok. Not sure if they have it in your country. Sometimes it has trouble
with chair legs and runs into them full speed, but it does clean well. Oh and the Samsung Smart Home app you have to use SUCKS. But with it connected to Alexa i hardly ever use the app. I got a refurb model for $220.