Samsung Multiroom webCoRE


I have 7 multiroom speakers, and I want to create a piston that starts playing web radio when i turn a speaker on manually. Anyone got such a piston? Also want to be able to switch station with a swipe.

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You’ll need to create virtual switches, each with its own radio station url, use CoRE or webCoRE to send to your speakers, and by “swipe”, you’d need ActionTiles to change stations. There’s a lot on this setup in the community already.
I have 8 multiroom speakers btw.

Thanks for reply! I’m new to the community and I cant seem to find anything about it. Can you link?

If you read through the main Official Samsung speaker thread, New Official Integration: Samsung Multiroom Audio

They start talking about what you want at around post 250, you should read that whole thread first before you post a new thread, unnecessarily adding junk to the internet. To capture the TuneIn radio stations for your switches use

Here is my set up for Radio Streams to my R1 speaker


It is based on the Simulated minimote device handler which I modified to offer 8 preset radio streams using a webCoRE piston.

Volume can be raised or lowered as your listening.

If any one is interested I can link to my modified device handler and also my piston.


But of course! Please share!


Here is my modified device handler.

After you’ve installed the device handler you need to create a new device in the IDE under My Devices and set it to use this device handler. I called my new device Radio Stations.
Remember to add the new device in webCore.

Here’s my piston

Keypad 1 is the name of your new device (in my case Radio Stations)

Music Player 1 is my R1 speaker.

You’ll need to add your radio streams URL’s to the piston.

Also note

1… On the very first run of the piston the volume is 0 so you need to Up it.

2…The streams can take a while to play. i.e. 10 to 15 secs

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This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

I’m really excited about this - have been looking for a solution to play internet radio stations from ST since I got the hub.
Is there a way to assign the Radio Station Buttons to individual Action Tiles?

I did try at one point to see if anything was possible using Action Tiles and tried adding Music Player capability to the device handler which allowed me to add it to Action Tiles OK but nothing worked.

To be honest even adding my R1 speaker to Action Tiles was pretty useless as only the mute and stop actions seemed to do anything when Radio stations were streaming.

I will update the device handler soon though to show which station button is on.(Change of background colour). I always intended to have this feature but when it was just for me I didn’t bother.


Even just being able to Start / Stop play a predefined url (station) would be fine for me as a start.


I have updated the device handler so it now shows which station button is On.


This great! Thanks. Any chance you could make the webcore radio tile a mute button? (Keep the icon its neat.).
If you plan on adding other features, the ability to change station button names would be great. For now modifying the handler works easy enough.

Good idea @tommyincville for a Mute button so I have modified the DTH to expose another button to webCoRE (button12). using the webcore radio tile as a toggle

To make the extra button visible in webCoRE you will need to open the DTH in the Smartthing app and hit the Gear Cog top right then click Done. That should initialise the extra button.

If it’s still not visible in webCoRE piston along with the other 11 buttons you may need to do a hard reset of webCoRE

Then of course you need to add the extra Case to your piston (case 12) and as it’s a toggle you will need to code it so it knows the current state i.e If muted then unmute else mute.

Here’s a copy of my piston.

Probably other ways to do it but it works

Here’s the modified DTH


Question guys for the radio url should it be in brackets or without?

My radio station url’s are all without brackets.

Cheers Pal

Hi Kev,

Can you see anything wrong with this I am using sonos notify with sound to a muzo player and media renderer, I dont get sound but don`t expect you to think too much into that, just have a look at your opening code does it look right. I havent setup anymore stations just concentrating on one! see what you think…

The piston was written to work with my Device Handler. (Modified Simulated Minimote DTH)

Have you installed that and created a new device linked to DTH ?

Otherwise looking at your piston,
switch should be
switch (Radio Stations’ button number)

Also I would try removing the volume from the Play track command as volume is set by

Also On very first run of piston volume is 0 so you need to raise it in the device you created and linked to my device handler using the Smartthings app.

Bare in mind that It was created for my Samsung R1 speaker so it may be different for Sonos.
I don’t have Sonos so can’t test.

Cheers Pal, ill have a look and report back for others who may be interested, I followed your instructions to a “T” I saw the bit about volume being default 0 Ill have a bash, thanks for the reply…