Samsung motion sensor - GP-U999SJVLBAA

The newest motion sensor by Samsung (GP-U999SJVLBAA) are highly sensitive. Is there a way to decrease sensitivity so they are compatible with a small (under 10lbs.) dog?
Some sensors are “dog friendly”.
I guess I can aim them higher so not to see the floor.
Any other ideas?
I read that the older models had a sensitivity issue but these may of gone overboard…

So I will start by saying I love how sensitive the new sensor is. Ours is in the kitchen a good 25 feet from the bottom of our stairs coming from the second floor and it picks us up as soon as you step off onto the floor. The old sensor was a 2015 model which was about the same…maybe slightly less sensitive. The 2016 model is much less sensitive (half as much?) and does bad at motion coming at it but good at side to side. Support page showing differences:

With that said there has never been a way, that I know of, to adjust them. GE makes a small adjustable one that I’ve used which is Z-Wave plus and I know there are others out there.

So either adjust it up or get a different one. I have a extra GE, SmartThings 2015, and SmartThing 2016 if you wanna buy some used also.

Thanks for the reply and confirmation. The sensitivity was OK, then poor, now great, (based on the version year). I’ll adjust the sensitivity by aiming differently, (upward). This way the dog won’t be detected.

They are motion sensors after all! The sensitivity is great to activate night-light lighting at night.

That’s exactly how we are using ours…light over the kitchen sink gets turned to 10% when motion is detected between sunset and sunrise then off 5 minutes after no motion.

Good luck. Worst case you could hang a “shield” off the front bottom to hopefully block it seeing down low.

Those are pretty neat sensors, but they do become unavailable after some days in the UI. Do you guys have connectivity issues as well?

Have not had a connection issue. Have you checked to dig into the cause? Lots of backend data there.


**Matt **

I’ve had no issues with the old (2015) sensor nor the new (2018) sensor at all. Both have works great, granted I’ve only had the new one for a couple weeks now.

My circa 2015 Samsung motion sensor stopped working after the recent hub firmware update. I replaced that unit with the new GP-U999SJVLBAA. The new unit is very fast and has been reliable so far. However, when I paired the new unit it assigned the DTH “Motion Sensor” and I noticed that it did not include the temperature that the old model did which used DTH “SmartSense Motion Sensor”. I changed the new unit to the “SmartSense Motion Sensor” and the temperature now works fine. My question is, is this the best DTH to be using for this unit or is there a better DTH that I should use?

Apologies for taking the lazy way around this. I have done some poking around looking for this information, but haven’t found what I am looking for (yet). I am turning to this group in hopes someone can either point me to a site with the info or even better (for me) provide the information. I want to know what the field of view is for the motion sensor.
Since I am new to this home automation thing, I am starting with small, simple things. I would like to have my garage light come on with the door from the house opening and stay of for five minutes unless there is movement in the garage. I am trying to figure out the best location to pick up motion, working around two cars and two full size appliances, thus the question on the motion sensor. Thanks!

I don’t have a field of view schematic but I can say it is sensitive. Not pet friendly! It picks up our 9 Lbs. dog…


I don’t anticipate using it as part of a :security" setup, only to determine if it is “time” to turn off some lights. I would like to find a place for a single sensor to cover most of the garage. On a related note, I have the pet sensitivity issue with my security system.