Samsung Connect User Manual and Zigbee Details

Hadn’t seen these posted yet. The choice to go with Tizen is interesting.


Zigbee Details:

Zigbee Details w/ LTE:


whoa, where have I been? Haven’t even seen a rumor for a new hub. Nice the finally have something with LTE for cell backup. Very interesting!

also has z-wave according the manual. Will also be interesting to see if the speaker can be used for voice notifications. the manual also mentions s-voice, which i think has been replaced by bixby? or this could be dead, copyright 2015 on the manual.

Yes notice the 2015 copyright. 99% sure this is what has been morphed into the Connect Home.

Not to mention the ‘connect to smartthings’ in the manual ands such. So yea, dont be looking at this as a ‘v3’ because if so…its 2.5 years old ‘info’.

Reddit… :wink: