Samsung to have ZigBee?

(Chrisb) #1

Looks interesting, but really not useful. Granted, it’s a quicker connect when you’re at home: Phone -> Device rather than Phone -> Internet -> Cloud -> Hub -> device. But a required direct connect also means you have to be… directly connected. You can’t access your things unless you are close enough to be in the network. And of course your things can’t report back to you when you’re away from home.

(Solardave1) #2

I have a pre-release alpha eval unit and I have not been able to get it to work (and I’m pretty bright when it comes to these things). No telling what the beta or release candidate will or will not do.

(Chuckles) #3

I suspect the intended use case is Phone --> Hub / Controller --> Device, i.e. using the phone as a secondary controller, not the primary controller within your home.

(Solardave1) #4

That would make the most sense based on what it’s doing (or no doing). It does show up as a “generic device” when a Vera controller is in include mode and you put the phone in discover/include. Doesn’t do anything but registers as included.