Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi - 0.47.10 —all Zigbee devices went offline

Wondering about setting up second hub with Android see if it fails at 43%…

Steps to send app logs from the ST App for iPhone

  1. Open SmartThings app and select “Menu (☰)”
  2. Choose “Contact Us” and tap “Error Report/Report a problem”
  3. Tap 10 times on the title area
  4. Create log >Send>Save to files>Save>Files
  5. Touch and hold logs file
  6. Select share on the menu

You can just email to yourself.

Thanks for the information. I emailed the folder to me. I am not a programmer, however enough to be dangerous. I viewed the downloaded files and did a search for “error” and a search for Apple. Not sure what I am looking for to indicate an apple Error. Looked a the Samsung log. txt

Came across this message;
2023-07-17 08:05:36.977 [] I WKSHPWebBridgeViewController(602):userContentController(:didReceive:) - DA_WEB_PLUGINS JS Console: >>>>> Error ocured while getting bixby version
2023-07-17 08:05:36.977 [] I WKSHPWebBridgeViewController(595):userContentController(
:didReceive:) - DA_WEB_PLUGINS message name : logHandler
2023-07-17 08:05:36.977 [] I WKSHPWebBridgeViewController(602):userContentController(_:didReceive:) - DA_WEB_PLUGINS JS Console: >>>>> If error is ‘BixbyConfiguration undefined’, It may be that the loaded plugin is using old em files not em_v2.js.

Definitely error messages after an apple command through out the file

Mark have you had any luck? Support just keeps sending a canned response.


Hi Mike,

Unfortunately, the samsung sub notes
will not connect. I have sent 3 additional texts to the Samsung team and they have not responded to any of the texts. I think they don’t care about their mesh products. They probably go through developers like slice bread. They don’t have a history of issues and might rely on a service database that keep history on customer calls.

I finally took the entire system to Best Buy and they gave me 15% discount on another system. I went on line and did some reviews and finally decided on the eero Pro six. I talked to 3 people and one had it installed at their home. I was very easy to set up and it comes with Tri-band mesh system for and extra boost of 5.0 . All my Kasa switches worked and even the 3 way switch I purchased that is not Kasa worked.

I also found out the Samsung has a class action lawsuit for falsely advertising . at this time it is for the TV they manufacture. I think the mesh units should be part the suit. I owned the system for 7 months and Samsung could not offer me any replacements. They said the mesh company was purchased by Samsung to expand their company’s business model and they could not help in repair or replacement of the units. You are basically out of luck buying the Samsung Home Connect if it does not work. I honestly don’t think they test out their products when they update the firmware ware. Not a good business model.

We did extensive testing when we updated our software.

All of my zigbee devices went offline (z-wave is working), some are not but they are not working. Impossibile to add them back with a reset. I have a new plug (I have other units of the same model already added), and out of the box I’m not able to add it.
How can I open a ticket with samsung? I opened a generic chat and the operator told me I have to contact the zigbee devices manufacturers (LOL).
I have a hub v3 and firmware version is 000.048.00005. The other thread is closed. I have opened Account Data Access and the email of the forum is the same of the samsung account.

Since yesterday everything is back to normal.

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I am struggling with this issue.
I am trying to add back into my system two different sub hubs and am getting stuck at the 43% mark.

I’m guessing we are all just waiting for a new firmware update them?

This is Ridiculous its been months on this issue. WTF! If you cant fix Down-grade you stuff Samsung.