Samsung camera how do you use it?

Hey guys, I just installed Samsung SmartCam HD Pro, however, i can’t figure out how in the wold I can program Smartthings to use this camera as a security device?
For instance, I would like to set up an event if camera sees movement after midnight than turn on lights and send notification to my phone.
How can I possible do that?

For whatever reason, Samsung does not use of the built in motion sensor of the camera. Your motion will have to be triggered by a separate motion device. Absolutely stupid, I Agree! I use the Samsung motion sensor that came with my hub to trigger all my cameras to record. The plus side to this is you can control larger or more precise areas with a separate motion sensors. But it would be nice to chose if you want use the built in unit as well. This would save some money is some areas.

Thank you.

Anyone help - I have the Samsung SHN-P6410BN cameras and Smarthings no longer supports them in the marketplace. I see that I can add a device on the IDE called Samsung Smartcam but how do I then active it and connect it to my actual camera?

Good question. I had to add the Smartapp to get them to connect. Any time I have an issue I have to go there to get them back up to par.

Thanks for your response. Can you tell me how to add the Smartapp? Thanks again.

contact support. they pulled the devices from the app marketplace, but some people have contacted support and gotten it added back for them.