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Sample dimmer code for Cree bulb?

(Gso Mike) #1

New to groovy; looking for a snippet that shows how to set the brightness level on a cree bulb. Attempting to write an app that will trigger by motion detected; then set a level with no motion detected.

(Robin) #2

A nice simple smartapp that controls dimmers is the ‘dim with me’ app.

The dimming capability does not need to be specific to Cree, the device handlers handle that side of things.

Worth scanning through to find what you need.

Why don’t you just use CoRE… Or two instances of SmartLighting?

Just about every Smartapp in existence has been superseded by CoRE lol

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(Gso Mike) #3

Thanks for the example and I’ll check into CoRE. I am using SmartLighting to turn on/off, but I want the dimming functions to occur between these events. Motion detected brighten to level and no motion dim to level. SmartLighting has on/off/on+level, but no seperate level. Perhaps I can re-use the on+level but I decide to try an app.

(Dan Eccher) #4

The groovy code is cut off, and when clicked on, the site or that specific code has been taken down. Please re-post in it’s entirety or send via a private message.

Thanks so much!

(Robin) #5

Would appear @twack’s dim-with-me app has been subject to DMCA takedown.

(Gene Clark) #6

@RobinWinbourne what is DMCA takedown?

(Robin) #7

Digital Millennium Copyright Act… someone must have reported this a plagiarised code.

(Robin) #8

Looks like I posted a dodgey copy above lol… here is the original version by @twack

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