Same device same device type different display in app

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US Motion - Bath

US Motion - Living room

Both are Smartsense motion V2 both on same device type.

Why do they display differently?

My guess is I need to clear the Android app cache?

what does are all the device names in the IDE?

Sorry Mike…my post wasn’t clear / complete…connection issues.

Device names in IDE? I assume you mean device type name? Smartsense motion/temp sensor.

It’s a carryover from v1 app. You had one set to display the temp, the other the motion. The only way I was able to change them, was to use my v1 app, which I preserved on a tablet. You cannot do it by changing the device type.

Thank you Bobby…that blows

Let’s see if @slagle can add one more thing on his never ending “to do” list…Tim, is there anyway we could switch the display in IDE or via code?

I was able to do this with an Arduino I have monitoring my outdoor fridge/freezer. In the tiles section I set the main parameter to the tile I wanted to display and that now shows up in the list.
main ([“displayTemp”])

I am sure you could do something where create a device preference to request which tile to display.

Unfortunately you can’t. The metadata section of a devicetype isn’t dynamic like that. It needs to know all the info before you would have the opportunity to set/change a preference. I believe this change is on the roadmap for the ST team as it would really open up some great device handler features.

@Drewbert34 and @SBDOBRESCU, the below thread might help. There is some code in the thread with different primary tiles for some of the main ST devices, and for those not explicitly listed, it gives enough details to edit the official ST devicetypes. Just remember that the changes would make them custom and no longer local for v2 hubs.

Already on the list lol

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Not a big deal for me.

I was more curious as to why. I appreciate everyone’s response :smile:

actually you can change them in the device type, just not in the App via the device.
create a new device type from the existing stock device types in the IDE, then change the ordering of the tiles, save, publish, then use this device type for your existing hardware devices.


Really?!? :confounded:

There are repositories out there of older Android APK’s that you could revert to temporarily to fix this, if needed.