Salesforce joins the IoT Field


(Jody) #1

Salesforce jumped into the IoT field today with a new platform aimed at enabling businesses to interact with customers who own connected devices. Not sure what to make of this one.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Yea, this guy posted about this integration a week or so ago, post got flagged, then the thread went by by…
The concept of storing user preferences for hotel rooms has merit…
The first thing I always have to do is dink with the AC/Heat.

(Jody) #3

Yeah I remember the thread about the guy doing a direct integration with Salesforce, but I think he was a consultant trying to sell services. This is Salseforce joining itself. This looks like it could be a competitor to SAMI.

(Geko) #4

All we need is yet another IoT service. As if 10,000 existing ones isn’t enough. :smile:

(Jody) #5

Everyone wants to build the data warehouse. I did not know that Salesforce had bought Heroku. At least I learned that much.