Running SmartThings in Windows Desktop

(Montymc1) #1

Just wanted to let anybody know, That it’s possible to run SmartThings on Windows Desktop.

Works Great. Only negative so far, I can’t scale the window size. :confused:

The Name of the Program is BlueStacks. (It’s Free for now)

Here is a picture of my desktop. I have duel monitors. So it looks funny looking at Duel screens.

(llcanada) #2

I been using this program for a couple of months now and it does a decent job of running the smartthings app.

(Boris M) #3

Very nice.

(Realsol) #4

I am just setting up my Hub today but have read a lot about how the IPhone app and Android app differ. While I have an android phone, would I be able to run the Iphone version of the SmartThings app using this?

(Chrisb) #5

Cool… thanks for the info.

I’ve been using YouWave (an Android emulator) on my computer when I need to access it that way. But YouWave is a huge processor hog.