Use the same light multiple times in one scene?

I’m new to smartthings. With IFTTT i used webhooks to talk to another service to set light color at different times to basically create a timeout sequence for my child. It’s using 5 IFTTT webhooks. With IFTTT’s decision to limit the the number of applets you can create, I’m looking to see if i can set this up elsewhere.

Basically I’m hoping when the voice command is issued, lamp 1 turns red, waits 90 seconds, and then lamp 1 turns yellow, waits 90 seconds, lamp 1 turns green, wait 5 seconds and then the whole room would change back to the normal scene where all lights are white. When i try to setup a scene, i can only select lamp 1 once. Is this possible another way? Or will this not work as i’m describing?

You can’t do it with just one scene.

It should be fairly easy to do with Webcore.

FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)

Alternatively, you would need one scene and one automation for each light color change. and then set them up to daisy chain.

Great! I’ll have to look into that.

I have smarthings set up on my phone, was looking for webcore since i found it in a search earlier. But now i’m seeing where i need to access it from a browser. Thanks for the info.

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