Run Honeywell Thermostat based on multisensor temperature?

Hello all,

After doing some research I’m looking to purchase a SmartThings hub in the next day or so. I currently have a Honeywell Smart thermostat located in the living area. My plan is to place a multisensor in the bedroom and have the thermostat run the HVAC based on the temperature in the bedroom instead of the temperature in the living room area. Is this possible? If so would someone please provide some guidance on setting this up?

Thanks in advance.

Sure. If you have access to rboy apps, there are a whole bunch of apps which can use remote sensors. Here are two:

If you only want to use one remote sensor, you can use the built in Keep Me Cozy app.

First rule of home automation: the model number matters.

SmartThings is compatible with some of the Honeywell thermostats, but not all of them.

So first check the “works with smartthings” list to see if your specific model is included:

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Thanks looks like a lot but I’ll check it out.

Thanks. This seems like it might be the best route to get started.

To JD’s point, make sure your Honeywell model works with SmartThings

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