Rules Engine?

Not sure if this has already been posted, but did some searching for rules, but want a LAN based 'If <conditions) then ’ type of control. For example

If I’m present AND its after 10pm but before midnight AND the bedroom temperature is less than 18 degrees then SWITCH on the lec-blanket outlet.

Could not see (at this stage) a native and simple way to build rules and actions regardless of internet connectivity.

Unless I’m missing something, and someone can point to a URL that explains how I can do this ?


1 Like but it is not LAN based. In my case, however, it works flawlessly.

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Hi kilokilo

Are you a UK user ? For me this has the OAuth bug that stops such apps being installed on any hub using the UK/EU server :frowning:

( It would be nice if the forum supported a location or country indicator for members… )

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Smartthings doesn’t have its own rules engine as such, the built-in smart lights smart app is the closest. But it’s a that, if, structure. First you select the device, then you say what you want to have happen with it.

There are two very good third-party rules engine apps, but unfortunately the current OAuth bug which is affecting the UK means these do not work for UK accounts at present. I’ll put the link to the information about them here for future use, and I know all the developers (who are all active community members here) are trying to do what they can from their side but really it depends on a SmartThings architecture change that is impacting most third-party integration is at the present time. Including, unfortunately, the official IFTTT integration.

There are about 12 different ways to schedule events in SmartThings, so here’s the overview of that as well. But it may not be what you were looking for.

Progress on the Oauth issue is being followed in the following topic:

It works very well, but unfortunately, this is the UK category and The Oauth problem prevents it from working for UK accounts at the present time. :fearful:

I have logged into the simplerulebuilder site.
When I ‘hit’ the ‘Install SmartApp’ button I get a choice to select something but there is nothing there.
Any ideas?


Do you to the Oauth problem affecting many third-party integrations, simple rule builder will not work for UK account at this time. Nothing you can do about it it’s an authorisation issue on the SmartThings side.

SmartThings has said they know about it and are working on it but it’s quite a large problem to fix. When it is fixed, many different third-party integration should become available again.

The issue is being tracked in the following thread: