New Rules API engine

Hey guys, like most of you, I have received an email from ST regarding the new Rules API, I have not had a chance to look at this in much detail, however have any of you managed to do so yet? Did you get it working, did you get all your pistons converted over, I am guessing the Rules API doesn’t cover everything yet, it would be good to hear what you all think about it and whether you think it is possible to get most of your automations covered in this new engine?

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So I watched all of the above video. I REALLY hope that the new webcore is an integration of all of the Rules API functionality that he discussed. I do not want to have to learn/use the Rules API to write IOT code to replace/continue my webcore automations.

And will it be acceptable to reference the same device in the ifaction and commandaction if we construct a rule using this method?

yes. that limitation is only in the UI of the new app.

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