Rules Engine based Smart App?

I’m not a coder, so making the transition from webCoRE to the rules engine is a really big step. Is it possible that one of you smart people could put a front-end on the Rules Engine to provide a simple(r) to use UI for users to create their own automation with it?

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You do realize you just asked someone to ‘just write’ something we’ve been asking for for nearly two years. This is an incredibly non-trivial ask, essentially what would have to be a code interpreter. In best case this ask would take multiple months and a team of people. It’s more likely a year or two to build properly.

There are other alternatives such as Sharptools if you want to stay ST native or you can also look at a solution like using node red through the ST api or drive ST automation through something like Homeassistant or Hubitat.


Yea, I know it is non-trivial. I know I’d be willing to pay for it.


To be fair, this is something Samsung should have created from the git go. If I am not mistaken they even hired the guy that wrote webcore. But instead they wanted to alienate their users

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