Rule machine custom color setting

I’m trying to use rule machine to trigger my Osram Lightify LED strips on at a certain color when motion is detected. The problem is that I don’t like the white that is listed as an option. I’m trying to create a custom color. In rule machine, it’s asking for a color value between 1 and 100 but the only ones I see when I researched it on the Internet are listed with hashtags (example: #0ff000). Does anyone know where I can find color values for rule machine that are numerical? 1 through 100?

here is what I use for the blue I like.

Color :64
Saturation 98

I believe I use IDE logging to get a general idea from setting color through the device. Then basically just play with the numbers is what I did.

These are all variations of RGB (Red/Green/Blue) notation. For example, black = #000000; white = #ffffff. When converted to hexadecimal (like you see in the “Edit colors” screen within Microsoft Paint), these represent values in the range of 0-255 for each RGB value (e.g., #ffffff = 255-255-255 in hex). The 1-100 notation is simply using the hex notation expressed as a percentage (e.g., 255-255-255 = 100-100-100).

If you’re looking for a particular shade of white you’re better off setting the color temperature of your Lightify LED strips. Your strips can show anywhere from 2700K (soft white - yellowish) to 6500K (daylight - bluish) white light automatically. In Rule Machine, you would use the “Set Color Temperature” option instead of “Set Color” and select any number in that range.

For a non-white color value, @celblazer approach is the best. Find the color you select using the mobile app controls, then check the IDE for the Hue and Saturation values that produced it and input them in Rule Machine for Color/Saturation.

Yes and no. The 0-100 is a conversion from 0-255, but it’s not a direct RGB translation since color is set in ST using only two values Hue and Saturation (this is how zigbee color is set most often), not one for each primary color component.

The Hue and Saturation are represented on the color wheel where Hue sets the position around the edge of the circle with 0 being at 3 o’clock (usually full red), then rotating counterclockwise around the edge as Hue increases to 100 bringing you back to 3 o’clock. So 25 would be 12 o’clock, 50 9 o’clock and so on. Saturation is where you are along the radius at a particular Hue with 0 being the center of the circle and 100 being the very edge. It represents how deep the color is. Whites are often represented by near 0 saturation.

It can be difficult to determine these positions without using the color wheel as reference, which is what makes the method used by celblazer the most effective.

Ok thanks guys. 20 chars.

Can anyone tell me if its possible to set multiple bulbs to different custom colour values within a single trigger. E.G. Use a routine called Party! to trigger bulb1 to custom blue, bulb2 to custom red etc etc. The only way I can see of doing it is to set a new action for each bulb and then have the trigger run each action, seems long winded if you have lots of bulbs. I’m new to Smartthings and Rule Machine excuse any ignorance.

That sounds like the proper way to make that work, but I’m not an expert. You might want to try posing this question in the Rule Machine Logic Programming Assistance thread. Bruce regularly checks that one and helps out with these types of questions.