Rule Machine: Run rule only once per day

So I’m a Rule Machine noob and still having trouble wrapping my head around the differences between rules and conditions and triggers but I’m enjoying the potential power. I’ve set up a simple rule that says on Monday between 5:30 and 10 PM if the back door opens then open the garage door in the front. Tuesday is trash day so I set the trash out front on Monday. The rule works fine but I would like to have it only run once.
Is there anyway to ask rule machine to only run this trigger rule once if the conditions are met?

You could use a virtual switch.

First Rule:
Have Rule Machine turn the virtual switch on (action) with the back door opening (trigger) between 5:30 and 10 PM (condition), only on Mondays (condition).

Second Rule:
When that virtual switch comes on (trigger), have it open the garage door in the front (action).

Have a rule reset the virtual switch to OFF on Tuesday.

EDIT: Instead of having a separate third rule reset the virtual switch to OFF on Tuesday, you could just use a Delayed OFF in the actions of the second rule, delaying the virtual switch turning OFF by 5 hours (your window is only 4.5 hours, so 5 hours means it won’t shut off and be turned back on the same day).

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You can do this with a rule and a trigger:

Conditions: back door open, private Boolean true
Rule: back door open AND private Boolean true
Actions for true: open garage door, private Boolean false
Actions for false: [none]
Restrictions: Day of Week: Monday, Time of Day 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Events: Certain Time: 1:11 AM
Actions: Rule Boolean [first Rule] true
Restrictions: Day of Week: Monday

The Trigger is just to reset the Private Boolean to true every Monday. This will run once on Monday, max, only when the door opens during the time.


@bravenel, this is bad a$$. I just built it and it works perfectly. Now I’m going to make it work on OR Tuesday morning. Thanks for the quick help and for the overall app. I look forward to better understanding the app so I may exploit it.

Bruce @bravenel , I must say, the rule boolean feature is PLAIN GENIUS! I was sitting on a rule for couple of days because I didn’t know how in the world I can pick the “Rule Boolean”, well I should’ve known that trying new things with Rule opens up a world of possibilities. Nice work, man!!!

Just curious why you need this function. Do you carry your trash from the “back” through the garage to set it out for collection?

I keep my trash bins in the back (side) yard. I drag them along the whole side of the house, through the wet grass or snow or drizzle to the front curb. (Suburbia problems) When I open the back door to go get them, now the garage in the front opens and I can walk right back into the house without having to trudge back to the back yard and through the back door. Smart lock w/ keypad on front door is next purchase and then this would be less of an issue. I would probably then have RM just unlock the front door.

Just to be sure I don’t forget trash day, I have Smartthings announce via my Samsung speaker that “Tomorrow is trash day” I also have it do that on Tues. morning too , “Today is trash day”. These work on a time of day range combined with motion. Next I will have it not speak the second announcement if the backdoor/garage rule has run.

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Can someone please explain the difference between the private Boolean and any other virtual switch? They seem the same to me…?

You are correct. Private Boolean is very similar to a virtual switch. The two main differences are, (1) you don’t have to create it as a device, and (2) it can only be used within the confines of Rule Machine. For automations that need a virtual switch to hold state information, private Boolean fills the bill.


Ok, that’s kind of what I thought. Thanks!

I was able to get rid of most of my virtual switches with it.

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