Rule Machine Feature Requests

Already there.

Everyone leaves is [selected presences] ALL not present. That would be false until the last person leaves, then it would become true and the true action would be taken.

Someone arrives is [selected presences] ANY present. That would be false until someone arrives, then it would become true, etc.

New version released, 1.109. See release notes here:


Below is what I have for a rule. I want to turn on the lights when I arrive home at night. Unfortunately it also turned them on this morning when I left for work but was already long gone.

This is why I thought it would be useful if you could define this rule for just when someone arrives.

OK, slightly different use case. Just use two rules, one for each person. Then either arriving fires the evaluation.

But will leaving not fire the evaluation also?

Maybe I am just confused!!!

when you set up the Presence as a condition, you have the option of choosing ‘present’ or ’ not present’ which really translate to ‘arriving’ or ‘leaving’ so no, it should not trigger on leaving.

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Rule Machine updated again. Now supports setting thermostats: mode, heating set point, cooling set point.


Love the thermostat control… one feature request that I will describe in a use case.

  1. Motion seen on a given motion sensor.
  2. Set thermostat to a specific heating set point and cooling set point. (let me define both cooling / heating set points and don’t force me to select a heat/cool mode)
  3. After a defined delay period after motion ends set the heating set point and cooling set point to some other values.

Step 2 is kind of setting it to “I’m here” and step 3 is setting it to “Im gone”. I have multiple thermostats in my home and right now I have a separate ST app that does this functionality. I think it would be useful to have as part of Rule Machine.

Thanks much for the work on this!!

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I mistakenly asked in the other thread for this exact feature. The motion part is already doable, but the setpoints require you to set a mode on the therm and they really should be independent if possible.

I know we ask for a lot, but this is the best app since the Bread Slicing App.

Yes, you are right. I will make this change to the app. I guess the way the app will work is that it will always offer heat and cool set points, which are optional inputs. Mode for thermostat will also be optional. So basically, you can set any one of the three parameters, or more than one, or all.


Ok this is what i have set up now:

Rule 1
Person A present AND time between 6am and 12am AND Switch B on

Rule 2
Person B present AND time between 6am and 12am AND Switch B on

Both of these if TRUE turn on Switch A , if FALSE turn off Switch A

Now when one of us leaves because this statement is not TRUE it turns off the switch (I know you say it monitors presence but still turns off switch)!!! Would I eliminate the False statement and have another rule turn off switch at 12am? Seems like i would have 3 rules running when i should be able to do it in one.

I tried a few variations of this but does not work either:
(Person A OR Person B present) AND time between 6am and 12am AND Switch B on

This one is really giving me a hard time!! Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse.

I just posted 1.1.12 on Github. It has the improved options for setting thermostats: auto, and set points whenever.

I don’t know why, but I typically start with things, and based on your earlier post, try this:

Switch B on AND Time between 6PM and 12AM AND (Person A Present OR Person B Present) … if true, turn on Switch A, if False, Turn off Switch A.

Awesome… I will give it a try.

I’m doing configuration of the new temperature controls… Is it a bug that in the “select the actions for false” that I can’t set the heating point and cooling point? I’m setting them in the “select the actions for true” and I would like to set them to something else, after a delay, in the false section.

Yep, there was a typo. Fixed now.

I love the Rule Machine, and have implemented a couple of rules as I still flesh things out…

The question I have is related specifically to your GitHub account…

Would you be willing to reorganize your GitHub so that it follows the SmartThings standards so that I can add your repository to my ST?

See this post for more info. Can I add more than one GitHub Repository?

As I explained before, I am a total noob with Github, and I couldn’t get the Github-ST integration to work. I was too busy to thrash around trying to figure it out. I will do it at some point, certainly willing, just not able. Sorry, it’s not there yet…


Ahhh, sorry. I don’t think I saw your post on that. :smile:
No worries. I’m just so enthralled with always receiving the latest updates on several of the SmartApps I use, that when it doesn’t work I miss it terribly. :smile:

No worries about it. Keep up the great work on Rule Machine!

Thanks. I appreciate your quick action… amazing.