Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

now don’t be getting hopes up!!

now that everything is working I can ask my question. Currently in RM you can trigger based on temp of lets say Smart Weather, when it “Becomes” a certain Temp. Is there a way to have something trigger when it is just below a temp. So in other words when it poles smart weather and for some reason it skips over that temp that you had it set to that your action still runs or does it do that already.

Does Rule Machine allow you to cancel a delayed action/actions?

I know it has the option to cancel a delayed switch, but how about a full set of actions?

I’m on one of the 1.8 releases.


For you folks using Rule Machine, do you do all of your automations through this? (For consistency/to keep everything in one place, etc.?). I currently have been using the basic sunrise/sunset triggers for certain lighting, and time-based for others, and I have a couple of motion sensors that trigger lighting in certain other places. I haven’t used Rule Machine before, but it looks like endless possibilities! If I begin working with it, I assume I should nuke all my other automations and do everything through Rule Machine?

Excited to read up on this thread and see what kinds of applications folks have used with Rule Machine.

Maybe this will help:

Multiple apps vs one large vs Rule Machine

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@SBDOBRESCU, @keltymd: Thanks for the reminder about Z-wave repair. That was the missing piece of the puzzle for me that got everything back to operational status.


Yes you can use a >= comparison, or a <= comparison.

Yes, Delay These Actions has the cancel option, if it’s for a Rule. No cancel is possible for a Trigger.

Version 1.9.1 Released

Extensions to Periodic

See this post:

Would you please be so kind as to check out the newest version (1.9.0a/1.9.1a), and see if this problem is fixed. I don’t have a ZWN-SC7 to test with.

@mterrace , you too?


Works great now, thanks @bravenel !!!

OK I hear what you are saying but I had a rule that was set up that way and started it late and since id did not hit the temperature that was set at below 74 and above 62 and did not hit one of those numbers 74, 62 it never did trigger. it stay above 62 and less than 74 without actually hitting those two

Since you added this could you add that same function in the restrictions of the rule. So you can say if it is between this month and this month or this date and this date. So if I only wanted to run something between January and March…

One last question …The new Nest machine has a value in it for the last setting. I would like to use that as a set point if I turn the Nest off. So if I open a door I turn off the nest. When the door closes I would like to turn it back on based on the last setting

I am getting an error when i hit create after i paste Rule in the code section, can someone please help. Thx

Metadata Error: Parent SmartApp ‘bravenel:Rule Machine’ not found

If this is a first-time install, be sure you have installed Rule Machine first, then Rule (child app). Also, be sure to copy the code from the Raw screen.

Reliability of trigger vs. conditional trigger vs. rule:

I want a rule to send a single beep to my siren when a door is open, ideally when SHM is in disarm mode.

Setting this up as a trigger (just based upon the door contact sensors, not the SHM mode) is 100% reliable.

When I try to bring the SHM disarm state in to the rule, it seems to get less reliable.

If I set it up as a conditional trigger:

  • Trigger = door contact open
  • Rule = SHM in disarm

I find that it seems to beep multiple times each door opens.

If I set it up as a straight-up rule:

  • Door contact open AND SHM in disarm

I find that there are times it doesn’t beep at all when the doors open.

Any thoughts?

Thanks. Worked.

There is no difference in the reliability of these flavors of rules. There is a $3 bill in your conditional trigger and rule, named SHM. That’s what’s not reliable.

Don’t waste much time on this one until they fix SHM.