Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Basically the same thing. Keep outlet(G) on and restart the 5 min delay when sensor(A) returns to a closed state.

Then you want the “cancel” option on for the delay.

What happens is that when you open the contact, it turns on the outlet. When you close the contact, the rule becomes false, so it starts a timer. If before the timer runs, the contact opens again, it cancels the timer. The outlet is still on at that point. This will continue until the contact stays closed for the full duration of the timer, at which point the outlet will be turned off.

OK, I’m following your logic, but where is the “cancel” option at?

The very first action is “Delay these actions”. Go there and set the delay time in minutes. If you are on Android, you will have to hit Done, and then go back into the Delay these actions page a second time. Then you’ll see the Cancel option. Select Cancel, then Done, etc…

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Somehow I have a bad blank rule in the system calked rule. I cannot edit it to delete it and I don’t see aN option to remove it in the ide
under locations smartapps. Is there another way. I don’t want to start over as I have 13 good rules. Thanks

In the IDE, click 'My Locations’
Click ‘List Smartapps’ (Should be a the very bottom)
Click ‘Edit’ towards the top of the page (This is not obvious)
Find ‘Rule Machine’ and then the rule you want to remove
Click ‘Uninstall’

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thanks I thought edit there was to edit the picture… :smile:

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It seems everyone has a problem with this. The IDE should have two links one that reads ‘List Smartapps’ and one that reads ‘Uninstall Smartapps’. The ‘Edit’ link is not intuitive at all.

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I’ve got a rule as follows:

Trigger: Motion when Active
Conditions: 4 Light switches (All) off
True: Turn on 2 of them.
False: Delay x Minutes (Cancel) Turn off the 2 previous lights.


Two Cree lights in a light fixture, two stand alone lamps. I want the two Cree’s on when motion is activated when none of the 4 lights are already on, if any are already on, do nothing. It works GREAT for that, but there’s a hitch I didn’t figure. If the two Cree’s are on (and I want them to remain on), the rule seems to insist on triggering the false response and shuts them off. I think I need another rule giving me a true/false based on just those two lights, so if true (both lights on) give a false back to the first rule so it won’t process the first rules false action.

Am I thinking this through correctly? Not sure how the rule evaluation works in the real world after reading the instructions.

You need a cancel. If Motion is detected within the time limit and the lights are on it will cancel the timer and start it over.

Cancel on truth change is under delay options

I think that what is happening here is that since you are only evaluating the rule based on the trigger motion;

  1. if any of the four lights are on and motion triggers it will hit false and turn off the the two unless you turn all four off before the timer is up causing cancel

  2. if all four lights are off and motion triggers the two will turn on but the false cancel will only hit if you turn all four off before the timer is up causing cancel

I imagine that one way to have this work nearly as you’d like is as below.

Trigger: none Conditions: Motion active [1, 2, 3, 4] all off [1, 2] all on [3, 4] all off Rule: Motion active AND ( [1, 2, 3, 4] all off OR ( [1, 2] all on AND [3, 4] all off ) ) True: on: 1, 2 False: Delay by x minutes [Cancel] Off: 1, 2

It still leaves you with the issue of having the two shut off if they were on already but here they will only shut off after x minutes without motion.

You might be able to address the case of having those two on already through Switch to disable rule (if the switch is outside of motion detection), mode restriction, time restriction…

edit: I think that in addition to having the two shut off had they been on already you might end up with other issues with the above if for example you triggered the rule, then turned on lights 3 and/or 4, you may not want 1 and 2 to shut off now but they would as the rule can no longer evaluate true.

Ok I set it up like that, will test when I get home, what does “Enter subrule for left/right?” mean? Do I set those to on or leave at off?

Has anyone been able to figure out how to utilize the garage doors as an opener? I have a GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller. The ‘thing’ is installed and working but no listing in Rule Machine as a switch/dimmer/door/etc to use as a function. Please advise, thanks?

Nothing shown under Garage Door?

I have this opener. I have been able to use it via the generic device type as well as a community device type titled “RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener”. It is listed as a garage door in my Rules.

Maybe I’m on a old version of rule machine? I have no option for Garage Doors in creating a rule. See images. Oh, and the device works fine…just not showing up specifically in Rule Machine.

Looks like Bruce is up to 1.6.5/1.6.8d

Compare and see if you are up to date or close to it.

Version numbers are at the bottom of the main page of the app.

Dude! Update that thang!

Make sure you are using this custom device type as mentioned below. It allows your garage door to look like a switch.

They are used to input parenthesis for sub-rules. As you are building your rule, rule machine will display the rule based on your selections. You would need to switch on ‘Enter subrule for right’ after motion active, ‘Enter subrule for right’ again after the OR and ‘End of sub-rule’ at the very end.