Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Hi all, I need some basic help. I want to create the following rule:
When my iPhone arrives
When the mode is set to away (not me setting it, but set already)
When there is motion

It unlocks my doors.

However I can’t seem to understand why I only have two of 3 conditions correct when I create the rule. I can set up motion active, iPhone presence, but mode away is always coming up false for me.

I believe I need that to be true for the rule to run correctly. Please advise if I am missing something!


Bear in mind that the conditions are just showing you their state when you set the rule up. Their state later will change. I presume you’re setting the rule up while you are not Away?

Hi @bravenel, I believe I’m seeing this same bug, but for the Days of week condition & “Only on certain days of the week” under More Options. Adding a Days of week condition automatically populates the similar option. Clearing the option and then saving makes the rule such that RM can no longer open it - The spinner spins for a bit, then goes away, and I’m still in RM.

I’m using the latest as of the date/time of posting:
Rule Machine 1.5
Rule 1.5.8b

Again, this looks like the same issue as described in the comment I’m replying to, only for days of week rather than time of day. My understanding is that the condition contributes to “truthiness” for the rule, and the option limits when the rule can be evaluated. It seems a condition to check if the day is Wednesday should be able to be evaluated any other weekday and be false.

In its current state, I cannot choose a rule for a Rule Truth condition if it is not currently eligible for evaluation according to its options (certain time of day, certain day of week, certain mode). Specifically as it relates to the problem I describe, if I create a rule that will be true from 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday, it will only allow this rule to be added as Rule Truth condition on Saturday and Sunday (no time limit though) because of the day values being automatically populated under Options as well.

There may even be a second bug lurking here - What is the value of a rule that cannot be evaluated at the particular time it is evaluated? Default false? Error? Say I add a Rule Truth condition looking at a rule limited by Option to Saturday and Sunday. I do this on a Sunday, so it offers it in the rules I can choose for Rule Truth. What happens on Monday when this rule cannot be evaluated?

This is definitely a bug, an oversight when I integrated triggers into rules. It’s now fixed, pushed to Github. Thanks for reporting it!!

The way this works is that every time a rule is evaluated, it reports its truth to the parent app. The parent app stores this value. Whenever a rule or trigger tests the truth value of a rule, all it’s doing is retrieving that value. So when you access that rule truth on Monday, you would get the value from the last time it was evaluated. This is the logical equivalent of getting the most recent value of any device.

I understand your point, but as someone who has not only coded for a living, but who has lead teams as a scrum master and engineering lead, I find the QA control in everything ST to be pretty much deplorable!

Look at the 2.0.7 release of the ST Android app. I didn’t think it was possible for them to make it much worse, but now it’s back to its memory pig ways, as well as tons of spurious ‘Unexpected errors’ occurring. Thankfully, they don’t cause issues, they’re just annoying.

Basically, what people are saying here is that, yes, @bravenel is lucky that he doesn’t have to consult a whole team/apparatus to release new versions of RM, but even with that advantage, he’s doing about 200% better than a team of full time engineers who can’t even seem to quit breaking basic functionality.

That’s what’s annoying most of us (at least me).


OK so I’m trying to reproduce this rule Color loop

I’m using the Lifx color bulbs. If I try to select “set color for this bulb” Then click done and done again to save the rule I get the following error. Looks like I have to use the custom color option to get it to work. Now to figure out the numbers for red and green. :smile:

c790de56-f2da-4da9-aae7-0e08a0067725 3:54:21 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: physicalgraph.device.HubMultiAction.add() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:hue, value:35, isStateChange:false, …]]
Possible solutions: add(java.lang.String), add(java.util.List), add(physicalgraph.device.HubAction), add(physicalgraph.device.HubMultiAction), any(), any(groovy.lang.Closure) @ line 1658

@celblazer…the answer is (still) on post #941

Thanks but that that looks like a different issue. My issue is Rule Machine erroring out, If they are related my bad. I’ll put a ticket in either way.

Also I can’t input the color numbers if I do 1-100 I get the same error as I posted. 100-360 It saves fine but then I get and error from bulb.

5456d01b-5ebc-47ed-b896-490f113a1308 4:28:52 PM: error Bad setColor result: [422] [error:hue is outside of range: 0-360]
5456d01b-5ebc-47ed-b896-490f113a1308 4:28:51 PM: debug setColor [hue:101, saturation:50, level:100]

Sorry, I should have been more detailed. The problem is the same. Rule Machine and any other ST app uses Hue bulbs parameters to set colors, but LIFX parameters are not the same, so attempting to set the parameters results in errors. Here is another post related to this and @bravenel’s apps.

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Anyone else having issues last few days of rules triggering? I can’t get my daily automation lighting rule turn on automatically. It was set for sunset - 20min, then changed to exact time of 4:30pm but still not working. I’m sure its a smartthing issue but just wanted to double check with the community here. I can get it to work by going into the specific rule and hitting done, and then it will turn on. My rules to turn off automatically at 10:45pm has been working correctly by itself. It is just the turning on which is not working.


@bravenel, I have a question on the “Switch to disable Rule when ON”. So I can use a switch and turn it ON if I want to disable the rule. Will I accomplish the same thing if I “AND” the switch in the “Define Conditions”. The reason I ask is I want to disable the rule when the switch in OFF and enable the rule when the switch is ON.

Yes… I’ve been having problems since the new app downgrade… erm… I mean upgrade…

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Two days in a row I’ve been awaken by the alarm because the rule to turn it off, which is a 5:30 am trigger, is not working. This morning after it didnt function again i modified the same rule with a 6:50 am trigger and it worked correctly.

Is anyone else having problems with virtual switches not turning on/off?

I’m having trouble with lots of things today and last night. None of my scheduled things fired, some of my motions aren’t firing, etc. There is something really messed up in the cloud!!

It’s the same on my side… half of the time based stuff works, sunrise didn’t work today. Sigh. I don’t even want to send a support ticket because with all of these random days when stuff don’t work, today seems normal.

I just ran into an issue today. I was adding a rule. Got through trigger and conditions. Then I hit done on accident before finishing the trigger and other options. Now when I try to go back to the rule I get “you are not authorized to perform the requested action.”

Is there a way to fix this without deleting the app and my rules that are working ?

Aaannndddd…that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

I’ve had “device control from Mobile” issues for weeks… today right now… same thing… worked well yesterday for most of the day…

The weird part is, any physical changes to devices, make its way to the cloud and back to my mobile just fine. Its only when i try to control a device from my pjhone that it fails to actually make its way to the cloud and actually do something, like turn off a light…

this seems to only be affecting Z-Wave and Zigbee devices too… IP devices seem fine, like Hue & Sonos.

Use the IDE to delete the bad rule. My Locations / List SmartApps / Edit (upper right corner) / Uninstall the bad one.