Routines only when somebody is home

So I want the Christmas lights inside the house. (tree ext.) To turn on at 4pm… but only if my wife is home… I see an (only if I’m home.)… but I cant select her… and I have her phone registered as a arrival sensor… so idk how to work around this… ?? Any help… I have tried to youtub it and look around in here I’m not having much luck… thanks

Use smart lighting and create a rule to turn on when someone arrives (arrival/departure)

But if she’s already home before 4pm then they will still turn on ?? But not till 4pm ?

Click on more options at the bottom of the screen and you are able to choose more settings such as at certain times, etc.

Errr why I m thinking arrival when you posted she was already there. LOL

So idk… looks like if she comes home they will turn on and… if it hits 4pm they will turn on… does not look like they will not turn on if she’s not home and its 4 pm… ??

There is always webCoRE, you can program it anyway you choose :slight_smile:

Ok so I’m freaking stupid… finally noticed the lighting link in your 2nd comment, I was in routines still not in the smart app (lighting/switches… ) I see what you mean now… :ok_hand::call_me_hand::love_you_gesture::handshake::+1: thank you so much