Routine Hours Filter


I think I’m possibly missing something here, as this seems like a potentially common use of routines in the SmartThings app…

I have a simple routine that turns on a lamp when someone arrives at home. However, I only want this to happen when it’s dark. Unless I’m being dumb (rather likely) I can’t see an easy way to say “when someone arrives AND it’s between these hours”.

Currently, I’ve set up a potential solution which is: Have a routine that sets the Mode to “Night” at sunset and another routine that sets the Mode to “Home” at sunrise. Then set my lamp routine to NOT execute when the Mode is “Home” or “Away”. This is far from ideal, though. e.g. the Mode shouldn’t really be “Home” at sunrise if we’re away.

Any help? What am I missing? Thanks!

This board may help you. CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Actually the “Smart Lighting” app is capable of doing that. You can set it for when someone arrives and they look under more options. More options gives you the ability to specify a time range or you can specify that it’s only active when the home is in certain modes.


Superb. Thanks very much for the responses folks :slight_smile:

You can also do this using Smart Lights (Marketplace>SmartApps>SmartThings Recommends)!