Routines Not Performing when "Change Mode" is Added

Hey guys, I need some help here.

My routines does not execute when I have the “Change the mode to” added as part of that routine.
It only does this when i have that routine set to automatically perform with “Something Opens or Closes”. If I manually run the routine through the app, it executes it just fine.

Here’s a sample Scenario:

Routine: Turn all the Lights On
Trigger: Door Opens
Result: GOOD, Executes

Routine: Turn all the Lights On, Change the Mode to Home
Trigger: Door Opens
Result: FAILS, Does not Execute

Routine: Turn all the Lights On, Change the Mode to Home
Trigger: Manual, through the App
Result: GOOD, Executes

I already sent an email to support but I want to see if others are having this issue and if there’s any kind of fix. Thanks guys.

Did you try to edit your routines (resets them).

Hey Brian, thanks for the response… what exactly do you mean by edit the routine?

These are old routines that I already have and are working just fine with me running them through the app, but this time I want them triggered by a contact sensor, so i did edit them to add that functionality on there… sadly it’s not working as I want it to :frowning:

As @SBDOBRESCU points out below, the modes logic now works as expected. Which is good, but is yet another undocumented change. Sorry for any confusion.

JD, that’s a very good and interesting input.
So MODES has a higher priority over ROUTINES in the hierarchy structure in terms of execution?
Not very good in the way it’s structured in the apps, because changing modes is part of the items you can do with routines.

This doesn’t seem to be the issue with my case tho. I’m creating a totally new routine similar to the old ones I have and it seems to be working now. Still doing a few more test…

Sorry JD, that’s not accurate. The routine should run everything and the notification would say:

@bycane have you checked your live logging? I have a feeling that you are dealing with a time out issue.

You’re right, it’s a change. There have been a number of undocumented changes since October, it’s getting too hard to keep up.

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Wow – that’s good to know. I just finished changing my routines to work around this “issue”.