Routines: Group them and Make Groups Available for Widget

Groups for Routines (Android)

Routines are fast becoming the “work-around” for short comings in the app. However the more routines we create the more cluttered it gets for the Routine tab.

Once we have Groups, we should be able to make widgets that hold anyone of those groups.

The iPhone app allows you to choose which Routine you want to short-cut and ignore other “less important” ones.

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Thought not a direct solution for your request, since you are on Android, I’d highly recommend checking out SharpTools (by @joshua_lyon) which allows the creation of Widgets for lots of SmartThings stuff.

He’ll do a better sales job than I. But with SharpTools you can trigger Virtual Switches and such, and thus overcome the limitations of Routines Shortcuts.


SharpTools is awesome for this.

I only have 1 routine as most of my stuff is run through Rule Machine, but I do have a couple of switches I like having immediate control over on my phone homescreen (such as a my Watch TV activity for Harmony).

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Thanks Terry. I use Sharptools for several things. Love it. And I use it to single out certain routines.

That being said, Groups would still be nice within the app.