Today Widget - Shortcut Groups?

Any chance we could get the shortcuts from the lights and switches section to be allowed in the today widget? I’d love to be able to toggle a light or group of lights from the widget, but right now I have to create a hello home action and it can’t be used to toggle, only to turn lights specifically on or specifically off. It just leads to way more entries in the widget than I really need.

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Hey John,

Not yet. Ive heard whispers though, but can’t promise anything.

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Right now SmartRules is getting the job done, but first party support would be great for the wife acceptance factor.

Not the most elegant solution, but I adapted a small SmartApp for this purpose. It uses a momentary trigger to toggle selected light(s), so the Hello Home Phrase can just “turn on” the momentary button and the lights toggle based on state (I’m addicted to momentary buttons as triggers because they always return to off). For groups you can just select multiple lights in the SmartApp, but keep in mind that it will toggle each light independently, so if they aren’t all the same state before, they won’t all be the same state after either. Let me know if you think it will work for you and I’ll paste the code.