Routines for Samsung Smart Air Conditioners and 'Smart Life' Thermometers?

Hello, on my Smartthings app I have 3 Samsung air conditioners and 3 thermometers (one for each room where an air conditioner is located) ‘Smart Life’ which were correctly added as devices to Smartthings.

I’ll preface this by saying that somehow I managed to do what I wanted but I had to create so many routines…
I explain.

I want to regulate the temperature in the room but if I create a routine with a first condition based on a time “whole day” or an interval of several hours and as a second condition a reading greater than or equal to or less than a certain temperature, the temperature is not read continuously and the routine does not work properly. It probably only works at those times when the thermometer sends an update to Smart Life, which in turn sends it to Smartthings.
Just to give an example, I programmed a very simple routine with a condition = temperature greater than or equal to 10° (i.e. always true) and as an action sending a notification… The notification arrives randomly, every so often.

To solve this, I created many routines with the first condition being a time, one at 0:00, one at 0:30, one at 1:00, etc., which as the second condition evaluate the temperature of the thermometer and as an action turn on (or off) the air conditioner for a certain amount of time at a certain temperature. So 48 routines for one air conditioner/thermometer and then duplicated and modified for the other 2 air conditioners/thermometers…

I wanted to ask you: is there an easier way not to create 144 routines (48x3) ?
Thank you in advance.

@fabricius, You can use Marianno’s or TA Austin’s timer that turns on the timer to run every 30 min starting from a particular time (in your case 12 AM). After every 30 min, check the second condition to trigger what ever you want to and reset the time so it starts another half hour count. Finally, turn off the timer at a specific time.

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Hi, I’ve found this article:
Hourly Automation Timer? (2022)
and so this video
I start to understand this world, thanks.

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