Routine: reset home energy meter HEM monthly

Need ability to make routine execute monthly and specific date. I’m trying to create a schedule to reset my kWh counter.

Check this out:

Hi @RottenMutt , as was posted above, just install @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s virtual calendar device and then create a routine with it that selects the day and time (as separate conditions) to trigger the reset. Here’s what mine looks like:

There are several capabilities with that virtual calendar device. You can see where I selected the “Local Day” capability and set it to 1 for the first day of the month, and then I added the “Local Hour” capability at set it to 5 minutes past midnight (0 to 2359 represents a 24 hour clock range).

So at the first of every month at 12:05am I reset my HEM and water meter.

Here’s the virtual calendar discussion and invite:

Once you enroll the channel to your hub and look at available drivers, look for “Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc”.