Aeotec energy monitor resetting values

Is there any other way than factory reset to reset the total energy consumption in SmartThings app? Would be even better if this could be automated every month.

Hi @sonikky
The capability stock energyMeter has a resetEnergy command that can be used in routine actions.

In Zigbee it does not reset the device, it sets the value to 0 W/h and saves the total value in permanent memory to discount it from the following values received from the device.

In Z-wave it doesn’t work co.o and I don’t have access now to the firmware libraries.

Hi Mariano and thanks for your reply, it solved the case!
I´m relatively new with automation and didn´t realize that this can be done more easily than I thought, so I made a simple routine that was able to reset the value.
I´m not sure if this routine could be automated to execute automatically in the beginning of the each month, but I´m more than happy to be at least able to reset the value “manually”.
BTW. I´m using HEM gen5 with z-wave.

If You install driver Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc desde mi canal.
Perform add device with search nearby option.
Maim virtual device appears in room if the Hub or room unassigned.

Select create Virtual calendar device.

You can make a routine for each day 1 st st 00:00 of each month reset energy.

These answers solved all the problems. Thanks!

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