Help with routine

I’m new to Smartthings and only have a few devices so far. I’m trying to set up a routine:

When a person arrives (my wife or myself using our presence with our phones), I want the living room lamp to turn on. I want this lamp to automatically turn off after a certain time (At about 10pm).

I thought it would be an optional setting in Smartthings under the routine to turn off the lamp after a determined amount time but It is not an option.

Try Smart Lighting (really simple to setup what you’re trying to do).

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You could use the Good Night routine to turn off the light at 10.

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Is Smart Lighting an app or something within Smartthings?

Yes, it’s under marketplace.

Cool. Got it set up. I didn’t know that was there. Thanks

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You should look around at

SmartThings can do a lot but much of it isn’t straightforward.