Router repalcement with cellular and wifi 6


I am planning to replace the Verizon FiOS router G3100. I have a few IoT devices and also want a have cellular backup with WIFI 6 for future proof.

Would Peplink be a good replacement? Models?

Any suggestions?

I can’t answer on Peplink but wanted to suggest Unifi as a product you may want to check out.

They offers a few consoles:

The Dream Machine Pro and SE consoles come with router, security gateway, ethernet ports and NVR for their cameras if you wanted to add them at some point. You add wifi as needed as separate purchase. Note: the Pro model does not offer POE ports but the SE does. If you purchase the Pro and need POE, you would need to purchase a Unifi POE switch.

Dream Machine Base consoles that offer an All-in-one router, security gateway with builtin wifi. One model is wifi ax (wifi 6), the other wifi ac (wifi 5).

Unifi LTE can be purchased to give you the LTE failover.

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These are certainly very promising options. As of now, I am looking for some budget-friendly options.

But I appreciate your response, someday I will splurge :slight_smile:

I use an Orbi with a built in cellular modem but it is only wifi 5, it is my main connection and works great. It is paired with a Linksys Velop for the Wifi 6, but i think the newest one with a Cellular modem does have WiFi 6. I use the Orbi wireless for my IOT devices and the Velop for computers, phones, and streaming.

I find Small Net Builder a very helpful resource for router reviews, and they often review devices in a budget category. For example, They have one article on WiFi 6 routers under $100.

If you can wait a few weeks, there may also be some deals around Amazon Prime Day in July. Best Buy and Walmart often run big sales around the same time.