Roon Audio, anyone?

Roon is a music system for music lovers. It consists of a Core (server) that hosts your audio collection, streams internet radio, and eventually will act as an audio sink for external sources (Spotify, DLNA for home automation notifications, etc). Additionally, there are Control units (apps on mobile devices, computers, or web interface using an extension), and Output (speakers and devices) throughout the home. It supports Squeezebox, Airplay, and Roon’s own standard, RAAT. It allows syncing zones that support the same standard together (eg, Airplay with other Airplay, synchronized, or Squeezeboxes, synchronized, etc).

I just set it up in the home with their 14 day trial and a bunch of Raspberry Pi units with HiFiberry DAC cards connected to various speaker units and running Shairplay. I currently have multiple synchronized zones in the house and I’m loving it…

Roon offers a Node based API, which means that SmartThings could be worked into the mix for playback, zone control, and the like…

Any of our resident developers have any thoughts on making something like this happen?

I don’t want this one to disappear. I’m trying to learn how to write code, but I’m JUST getting started in that arena…
Anyone else willing to help me look into this?

Hi, I too am interested in this. I am not a developer unfortunately. I got as far as getting the test extension functioning on roon described here “”. I think what is required would be a node proxy service as follows: Roon extension <-> proxy services <-> smartthings smartapp. <-> smartthings-hub. This model is actually used for connecting the smartthings hub to an envisalink module for the vista 20p - see here
what do you think of this and do you think the redloro code structure could be leveraged. Cheers!

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I have no development experience, but I am trying to learn, so I don’t know how much good I’ll be looking into any of the redloro stuff. lol

You are right, it would require a node proxy. It’s interesting in that Roon’s community has developed an all-in-one plugin manager that works on Windows for Roon Core by installing Node.js and some other stuff in the Windows environment. If someone were to have Roon on Windows with that (as I do), you could install the node proxy directly in the same environment. That would work in any MacOS or Linux environment that Roon was on.

I guess we’d just need someone to either convert the redloro bridge for this purpose, or rough in a quick and dirty bridge, and then SmartApp.