Roomba + z-wave?



Has anyone attempted to interface a Roomba with Smartthings over z-wave or zigbee? I know there are a lot of Roomba + wifi products out there (roowifi, thinking cleaner), but they are quite expensive - $100 or more. I was wondering if anyone has embarked on a roll-your-own lower cost solution?


Yes, although it requires a bridge device so it may not fit your budget. You can check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look under appliances, I know there’s one there:

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Got a 9xx series try this, it’s free as in beer: Roomba 980 Wifi Connectivity Reverse engineering


Nice! Actually, I have an 870 - maybe I’ll put together a BOM to see if building a z-wave version of a roomba controller is worth it - would anyone else be interested in this? I can see why most of the solutions out there are wifi - you can capture a larger audience.