Roomba 980 integration?

Hi everyone,
I been using the Roomba 980 for couple years now, and I love it.
I realized Roomba added IFTTT last year, and I been hoping for support of Roomba control through smartthings.
EX: when I left home, and home is empty, the roomba will auto start cleaning.

Any help or direction to go forward will be appreciated!
Thank you!

Since Smartthings already has its own IFTTT channel, you can just connect the two that way.

For use cases which are not already listed in the SmartThings choices, most people just have a routine turn on a virtual switch and have that virtual switch coming on be the “if” in the IFTTT applet.

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

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I leverage WebCoRe to do this with IFTTT. So when I leave WebCoRe sends an IFTTT to my Roomba trigger to start cleaning. You don’t want direct control of Roomba especially with the changes to ST and also Roomba’s limited support for 3rd party direct integration.


Thank you JDRoberts!
I will try what prayerfuldrop suggested first, if not successful, I will try using Google Home to do what you suggested! THANK YOU again for your help JDRoberts.

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They’re basically the same idea except webcore will give you even more options. :sunglasses: If you are already using that you should definitely use the webcore method.

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Hi prayerfuldrop,
I will prefer what you suggested, not directly control Roomba, especially all the constant updates and changes.

I am using CORE on my Phone/Apps. Can I use CORE? or have to use WebCoRe? I forgot and what I think may be incorrect, but isn’t using WebCoRe, will it slow down or add burden to my Hub? Any pitfall compare to CORE?

Thank you again!

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