Roller blinds with batteries and Smartthings

I am trying to find some roller blinds which can be used with ST.
The ikea are just too small for my needs.
Do you have any other suitable option for buying in Europe?

You might want to look at this modification for extending the IKEA blind.

There are other videos and articles about how to modify the IKEA blinds.

Roller blinds typically have a loop cord or chain If you already have roller blinds that fit you can add axis gear. Plus you’ll have several options to power the device including battery.


I have set up some Axis Gear motors in SmartThings for scheduling and on occasion a single blind won’t open. Looking at history it shows Opening then next entry is Close?

This happens randomly, most the time it works fine. I have tried factory resetting the Axis Gears and the ST hub and still the issue persists.

If I revert to using the Axis Gear app for scheduling I never see a problem, but it’s only Bluetooth connectivity.

Does anyone know what may be going on?