Roller blinds, robotic hoover

I was wondering if any could help out.
If I plug some electric roller binds into a Wi-Fi socket (the one that comes with smartthings) could I control it with echo and smartthings hub? Or would I need to use the harmony hub?

Also if I connected my robotic hoover via harmony hub could this be controlled with echo?

And have them set up on routines?

I haven’t brought a hoover yet I wanted to make sure I got the right one.
I was looking at remote controlled Hoover’s they should work with the harmony hub right?

@Farley Robotic “Hoovers” will not all work with ST.

Certain Samsung wifi enabled vacuums will work with ST.
Certain Roomba vacs can be made to work with ST by addiing a WiFi board.
Neato produce a wifi enabled vac that is ST compatible, I believe, although don’t quote me on this.

Then these vacs can be controlledvia Alexa / Harmony using the ST interfaces.

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If you can set up a harmony activity for it that you like, then you can start that activity through SmartThings.

This doesn’t always give you the level of granularity that you would need, though. But it does let you schedule an activity to start and end, which might be enough for the Hoover.

It’s all going to come down to whether you can put the instructions that you want in the “steps” of a harmony activity, or whether you’re trying to replicate some button pushes which are not in the activity itself.

When using harmony with SmartThings, it’s always done on the activity level, so the first thing you have to do is create a harmony activity that does exactly what you want. Then you can initiate that from SmartThings.

Just using a pocket socket (regardless of the protocol) may not help much. All that can give you is current on/off and these days many electrical devices won’t start operating just because power is restored.

So if you already have a harmony, I would look into those options first.

Oh, and as @rednose66 mentioned, there is a community – built integration for the Neato “connected” models.

I have almost the same question and glad that I found this discussion. I have a Samsung Wifi and sometimes there is a problem with ST connection. However, I tried to connect my hoover via harmony hub but couldn’t really control it. But thanks to JDRoberts I was able to create a harmony activity and it helped me a lot. But honestly I’m thinking about buying something else. I found a good review about Shark vacuum cleaner at and I liked the characteristics of this model.