Roku TV integration

Is there a way to connect Roku TV’s to SmartThings for on/off control and keep them synced? I have no plans to change channels or control in any other way. I read the previous threads but they are all pretty old and not sure if they’re still relevant.


i have my roku connected to ST through Logitech Harmony so I can’t answer about any custom apps that might be available. Do you, by chance, have iOS devices? Roku added homekit support in December 2020 and it works great for turning on/off the roku players. That is my preferred method now. :slight_smile:

PS… logitech harmony is discontinuing their products and it is becoming more difficult to add them to ST these days so that path may not the the best option for many.

It may depend on the specific brand and model of the Roku television, as they are made by a couple of different brands.

I have one of the very inexpensive ones in our guestroom. Alexa control works very well with it except that it can’t turn it on. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: that’s not uncommon with smart televisions.

So we added a Switchbot IR blaster, less than $50, just to be able to turn it on with voice. Switchbot also has a manufacturer-provided SmartThings Integration which works quite well.

I wrote a thread about it last year:

Switchbot - Simple “power on” for some TVs (IR blaster)

That said, if by “sync” you mean you want to be able to see the correct status in smartthings if someone turns the television on with the button remote or by voice, that’s a different issue. We didn’t bother with that, but I do know some people have the television plugged into an energy monitoring smart plug so they can see whether it’s on that way.


I am on Android, no iOS.

I have a harmony but could never get devices into SmartThings via the Harmony connect

To fix that - Install the harmony integration from the Harmony side using their app- once it’s in a new Harmony integration smartapp will be visible on the SmartThings side under SmartApps in the app. Go in it and once you open it do the configuration and let it sit and wait for up to 5 minutes for it to populate your hubs / activities.

When I open the Logitech Harmony (Connect) Smartapp, this is what I get

When I click to enter credentials I get an error

But I can continue to allow Harmony device authorization.

try from the logitech harmony app, not from the ST app…

Correct - and if it’s not working, delete the smartapp on the ST side and start over from the Harmony side. It’s got to get connected from that side properly before the ST side will work at all. THEN once that part works you can do the hurry up n wait thing to get the activities populated.

I’m more than a little worried about it though now that Harmony has announced they are no longer producing new remotes. I know they’ve said ‘were still supporting clients’ but I somehow severely doubt that includes rewriting this integration to be 100% ST newapp compatible.

Someone needs to smack the Logitech CEO over the head. It’s like King James or Tim Duncan walking away from the NBA with only one championship under their belt… I mean yeah - go out on top, but…

This is DTH linked below is fully functional and working for this purpose. I use it to sync the power on/power off status of my Roku TV’s to turn them off after they’ve been on for too long (my wife and kids like to fall asleep with the TV on).

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