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I’m a newbie so I apologize to all who think this question is silly.

I have been a user of the Smart Things HUB for about 3 months. I only have one or 2 Dimmer switches (GE 12724) installed to try it out. I like it an plan on adding throughout the house. I was wondering if there is more “robust” software that I should look at for my scheduling and creation of scenes. I currently use the existing app on my Android phone. I have no issue running it from a Windows desktop computer if necessary. I also have several Alexia and Good Home enable devices throughout the house.

Thanks for the input.

You could try CoRE, it’s extremely powerful for creating automations and a web version is currently being worked on. Currently you have to do everything through the smartthings app:


This looks really interesting … I’m no programmer but will certainly give it a try.

thank you

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I’m no programmer by any means either and CoRE changed ST for me. Once I got a hang of it. Haha

I have no clue how to download and install it ?

I apologize for all typos

CoRE is a smartapp in smart things. You add it in the smarthingsIDE (shows logs, devices, apps and handlers, etc.) The link above should give you some points in the right direction.
I’ll help you get into ide real quick.
Google smartthings ide. Should be first link.
Click the 3bars in top right and Log in to your smartthings account. Click the bars again and select location and then select your hub location( very IMPORTANT to make sure to do this step if it logs you out. If you don’t select your hub location editibg to the ide won’t reflect in your smartthings app. Made this mistake when I first got my setup.)
From there you will see tabs for your smartapps, handlers, devices, logs, etc. They will be located in the three bar tab or on the top of the page depending in your device.

I’m not home to try so I’ll try lier tonight


I apologize for all typos

Thanks … i followed got that far but still am at a loss how to get to and use the program


I apologize for all typos

A lot of people have a how to when it comes to adding smartapps and DTH’s. If you open up the link above and follow what it says it should guide you through it.