Rinnai Water heater now integrated with Smartthings! (Question...)

I always thought if there is a way to put a relay or something internal the the heater that can trigger the circulation pump. Maybe we can do something external from the control-r unit and use an esp8266/mqtt to trigger controls.

Honestly all I want out of this is to control the recirculation whenever I want with convenience.

Maybe someone could find a schematic of the wiring to accomplish this ?

This is what I did. I don’t have the Control R module but instead have a display mounted on wall in master bathroom. It has a recirc button you can press to turn on. I soldered a 2 conductor wire to both side of the button and connected that to a dry contact relay that basically virtually presses the button. It’s been working great.

I’ve been lurking on this thread since the announcement and was interested in this integration but when I called Rannai you can either use the Control R OR the display and not both for some strange reason.

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Agree with this solution. I have the wi-fi module and use the Control-R app to set the programming of when recirc happens on its own. I have also installed the Rinnai Alexa skill and can tell her to start re-circulation if its outside of the programmed times. “Alexa tell Rinnai I need hot water”.

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Yeah, it says the same thing in the manual.

“DO NOT install the MC-195T-US Timer/Controller and Control-R™ Wi-Fi Module together as they are not
compatible accessories.”

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I just got a email that they released Control-R 2.0 and that i need to update my app and the firmware on my controller. I really hope this fixes the integration… unfortunately when i attempt to do a firmware upgrade it fails.

Has anyone successful performed the upgrade and can confirm it’s working. I really hope this is it after 1.5yrs of badgering both Rinnai and Smartthings…

I know there are a number of different accessories that can be added to different rinnai models With different temperature controls and recirculation options.

I just wanted to mention that if you get one that has physical buttons, you can probably use a SwitchBot, which is a tiny actuator, essentially a robot finger, to physically press the button. These have an official SmartThings integration and work pretty well. I use them in my own home. they are battery operated and do not require any wiring and don’t void any existing warranties.

There are two disadvantages.

  1. the button pusher itself is Bluetooth and connect to its own mini hub, so you might have to locate the mini hub near the device with the buttons. But then the mini hub uses Wi-Fi to access the Internet so as long as you have a good Internet signal, that part’s OK.

  2. you have to buy one button pusher for each button as well as the mini hub. These are often on sale for around $30 each. Which means you might end up with a total cost of 100 or even $150 depending on how much you want to automate.

So I’m not saying this is a good solution, but it may be a solution. People often use a SwitchBot for a heat pump, an air conditioner, A coffee machine, in my case a blender: anything where you just need to push a button. Once you have that, you can add it into smartthings automations as desired.


Available in the US, UK, Japan, and some other countries.

Again, I’m not saying this is a good solution, or to let up on pressing the company for better integration, but it might work for some people given the investment that’s already been made.

Here’s a review I wrote on the SwitchBot for this forum:

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app


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Same here. Tried from both iOS and Android, before and after updating the Control-R app. So disappointing. There appears to be a Control-R 2.0 app in the app store that you’re supposed to use if and when the firmware update completes.

I’ve been wanting real smartthings integration for 2 years now. I’ve been on the phone multiple times with them about it but they’re never any help. I got the email yesterday to update the firmware and update the app. Honestly I’m afraid to do that because knowing the history of the module firmware and app I’m sure updating will be a nightmare and so will the new app. hopefully somehow they figured out how to get Samsung SmartThings integrated with the module.

I really wish I would have bought a different water heater. The whole integration has been a complete failure!

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I have a support ticket in with the girl i been dealing with to see if she can push someting down to my module. I’m dead in the water right now.
I’m actually on hold with Rinnai right now (40mins wait so far and no answer).

Reading the comments in ControlR-2.0 App in the Android App Store sounds like everyone is having the same issue, wont firmware update - a complete flop.

My app is all greyed out and shows the unit offline now with only the option to update the firmware - which doesn’t work. Looks like it’s pooched. :woozy_face:

Thanks for all the info! I’m going to hold off as long as possible updating the firmware and the app. Unfortunately with the track record they have a firmware update is only going to make it worse. I was afraid of this when I got the email. I figured it would be a complete flop.

Mine is bricked too. Factory reset doesn’t work. After 45 seconds, the led flashes red and white and then eventually returns to blue. I can’t get the unit back into pairing mode, and I’ve already removed from the app. I think I’m hosed.

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I was excited to see that email and jumped the gun, probably because i been dealing with this issue for 1.5years… well that bit me in the butt now.

I hung up on my call with Rinnai, nothing was happening and i had to goto a meeting after 1.5hrs of on hold


Wow that really stinks!

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Waited a little over an hour with customer support and finally got through. They’re slammed because of this issue, hence the wait. They said that they’re manually going through the list of affected customers and somehow fixing the issue remotely. Apparently I’m #3 on the list, and she says it will be fixed today. The firmware update will be applied after they fix it. Fingers crossed. Will report back on whether or not the update resolves the SmartThings integration.


Thanks for taking the time to report back. This is helpful. Hopefully this has a good ending.

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My support contact pushed the firmware down to my module. Just attempting to reconfigure the Control-R though the new app and it asks to do a software update to the module… which just sits spinning.

They choose the wrong time to do a poor release of software lol

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Gotta wonder if they just skipped the beta testing. :roll_eyes:

The UI in 2.0 app looks a lot more polished… but useless if I can’t setup my controller :joy:

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Never heard back from support (maybe because of the holidays), but my hot water heater finally showed up in the new Control-R app. I am not prompted to update the firmware, and I can control the hot water heater from the new app. I agree that the UI looks more polished, but I would argue that it’s less intuitive.

Anyways, the user account created in the new app is different from the user account in the old app (new password, etc). As best I can tell, both SmartThings and Alexa still rely on the old account/credentials…so I cannot link Rinnai to either one.

If you have not updated your firmware in the old app, don’t. Huge pain in the arse with reduced functionality. If I ever get it working, I’ll post again. Curious if any others have been able to relink with Alexa/SmartThings after the firmware upgrade though.

I’m still using the old app and old firmware. Does the new app and firmware give you the technical info the old app does like GPM, inlet temp, outlet temp, etc?